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Louie Vito: a firm believer in LivingDiscs Technology

“I am flying and traveling around the world almost constantly and am in a different bed almost every other night. Sleep has been a constant issue for me until I started using LivingDiscs. I put them on and noticed a definite positive difference in the quality of my sleep throughout the whole night.”

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Njisane Phillip from Trinidad describes taking his workouts to the next level with LivingDiscs.

Njisane has been considered one of the best Trinidadian cyclists on the domestic and international circuits, having been awarded a conglomerate of twenty U.S. championship titles since his sporting debut in 2001.

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Giddeon Massie talks about tremendous benefits after adding LivingDiscs to his training regimen.

Giddeon Massie is an American professional track cyclist. He collected two medals each in men’s Keirin and sprint at the 2003 Pan American Games, and later represented the United States in two editions of the Olympic Games.

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After suffering a serious back problem, Kevin tells how LivingDiscs helped his amazing recovery

“With the use of the discs I can honestly say my quality of life has changed 180 degrees.”

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Richard Maudreau: Professional Football Player

“The Relief & Performance LivingDiscs are amazing! I have used them throughout most of my athletic career.”

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Louie Vito Sr. tells about his first experience with LivingDiscs.

Louie Vito has won four of the past five U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix Overall Championships, six X Games medals, two Winter Dew Tour Cup Overall Championships, among many other accolades.

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